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Work Experience

Hands on experience working in multiple organizations which includes startup culture and highly established culture.


  • Vijayendra Mudigal is a full stack expert with leadership experience with more than 11 years of extensive knowledge in Object Oriented Programming, Algorithms, Data structures, complete "Software Development Life Cycle" providing Design Specification with UML representations such as Sequence Diagram, Class Diagram and Flow Diagram.

  • He efficiently mentored, guided and managed a team of 5 interns from "Manipal Institute of Technology" (one of the leading colleges in India) during the "Junos Space" for android development for which he was been appreciated by Mohan Satyaranjan, Director of Junos Space and Paul McNaulty, VP of Engineering of Junos Space. Later he got motivated to develop android applications implementing intents, activities, GPS, Google Maps API, Facebook API, SQLite, REST API's, JSON and so on. He designed and developed android applications namely "mReminder" and "Dashapramathi".

  • Working experience in environment ranging from start-up to fully established companies has helped him develop J2EE application comfortably from scratch using scalable technologies like Spring, EJB, JPA, Hibernate, MySQL, Java Mail API, Apache Solr, ActiveMQ JMS, Transactions, Apache Tiles, JSP, Bootstrap, Ehcache and deploying in Tomcat, Jetty, JBOSS 4.2.3, Google App Server, Openshift, Jelastic, Cloud Foundry, Cloudbees, Google Cloud SQL having repositories in BitBucket, Github.

  • He has developed many self-learning projects like G.H.U.T, Sudoku Together (Version 1), Sudoku Together (Version 2), Sudoku Together (Version 3), Dasha Pramathi ( etc. so as to be in sync with the emerging technologies such as Google Cloud SQL, Google App Engine, Bootstrap, Web sockets etc. His passion for solving code challenges are amazing and few of which could be been seen at Github

  • His hobbies and interests includes coding, photography, hiking, travelling, solving puzzles, biking, acting in movies, swimming, dancing etc.

DashaPramathi android applications are available in Google Play Store


Data Structure
Google Cloud SQL
Google app engine
Apache Solr
Active MQ
Apache POI
Oracle Database
IBM Clearcase
IBM Webphere
Water-Flow Model
HP Quality Centre
Easy mock
Power Mock
Install Anywhere
Cloud Foundry
Java Mail API
Business Objects
Java Server Pages
Apache Tiles


Software Developer 3
European Commission
April'18 - Present
Java, Spring Framework, Angular, Prime NG, Bootstrap, Web-Logic, Maven, Agile - Scrum
eGrants Team
  • Developing SEDIA Portal to support multiple European Union Projects, Grants and Tenders and Participation in those Projects. Next Generation of Participant Portal.

Senior Full Stack Developer
Concur Technologies - An SAP Company [NYSE: SAP ]
November'16 - February'18
Hands on: Java8, RxJava, JEE, Spring Boot, Cloud computing, Aspect Oriented Programming, Micro-services, Consul, CouchBase Zuul, Okta, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Redis, GitHub, Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernates, AWS – EC2, JFrog Artifactory, Kitematic, RabbitMQ, Vagrant, Jenkins, Hibernate, Swagger, AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Maven, Gradle, MySQL and Agile - Scrum
Services Innovation
  • Led a team of 14 developers (3 scrums) to build an application which provides the gamification environment among developers.
  • Base-lined the technology stack and built the infrastructure which includes centralized session store (Redis), centralized logging system (ELK), Security (Okta), Deployment (AWS/Docker/Kubernetes), etc from ground zero to support polyglot applications to interact with each other in a micro service based ecosystem.
  • Analyzed and implemented the build, deployment pipeline using Jenkins, Artifactory and K8S clusters for the team in India after interacting with multiple teams in US and EMEA.

Consultant Engineer
Ariba Technologies - An SAP Company [NYSE: SAP ]
March'13 - October'16
Hands on: Java, JEE, MongoDB, Zookeeper, Hadoop, Hbase, Apache Avro, Perforce, Git, Maven and Agile - Scrum
Buyer Procurement Development Team
  • Design and developed the Catalog Extract Feature which includes having snapshot of the catalog base for each transaction, mapping and converting avro data to json, schedule task which cleans the catalog snapshots periodically and implementation of asynchronous persisting of data using threads.
  • Incubated on migrating database from Oracle to HANA in-memory database based on business needs.
  • Developed "Evaluated Receipt Settlement"/Automatic Invoicing Feature and invoice UI 2.0 feature which required the complete re-design of Invoice feature.
  • Handled the basic performance tuning and security analysis for the content management system module.
  • Responsible for export of catalog data in vanilla format from HBase to HDFS using a Hadoop job.

Software Engineer
Zynga Game Network [ NYSE: ZNGA ]
December'11- Febraury'13
Hands on: Java, Spring 3, Hibernate 3/4, JPA, JTA, MySQL 5/5.5, Apache Tomcat, Maven, SVN, Firebug, Eclipse, JQuery, JSON, Web Services - RESTful API's, Agile - Scrum, Liferay, Apache Solr, ActiveMQ
Zynga Player Platform - Player Support
  • Implemented few POC's for taking "Player Support" for Zynga on development which introduces social aspects to the web. I was responsible for design and development of the complete backend.
  • Designed and implemented a Spring-Hibernate-MySQL-Maven Project for condition based seeding of 15 million data into the database which was used for the "Platform Analysis Benchmark".
  • Incorporated SHA 256 encoding standard, AES encryption/decryption model, Re-Captcha and developed "Centralized Mail Utility", "Profanity Filtering Engine", "Email Template Strategy" for the ZPS Registration flow.
  • Account Management for the Social Platform which involved Forgot Username and Forgot Password Feature.
  • Complete product development of "Moderator Tool" for Player Support.
  • End to end development of Award-Ville for the internal award nomination purposes.

Software Engineer 2
Juniper Networks, inc [ NYSE: JNPR ]
June'10 - November'11
Hands on : Java, J2EE, EJB 3, Hibernate 3, JPA, JMS, JNDI, JTA, Servlets, MySQL, JBoss 4.2, Apache Tomcat, Perforce, Firebug, Apache Ant, Apache POI, IntelliJ, ExtJS, JSON, XML, Web Services – WSDL, RESTful API's, Linux, Android, Agile – Scrum
Junos Space - Network Application Platform
  • Took the initiative to build the basic foundation of designing and implementing the end to end UI, with the best practices as mentioned in "Android UI Design Patterns" by Google, during the development of Junos Space for android devices as a part of guiding and mentoring team members. Also took the responsibility of integrating REST API's with the front-end. [Demonstrated to Paul McNulty - Vice President, Service Automation on his visit to India]
  • Designed and implemented an idea of developing "Template for Junos Application" which reduces the time of creating a basic application in Junos Space to around 60%.
  • Service Now / Service Insight (Versions: 2.1, 11.2 and 11.3)
    • Event Profiles: Implemented the search functionality from the events editable paginated grid which is specific to a bundle. Also a task to show the selected events.
    • Auto Submit Policy: Designed and developed the end to end functionality which includes deleting auto-submit policy, enabling/disabling auto submit policy, exporting auto submit policy and associating devices to a policy.
    • Pro-active Bug Notification (PBN): Designed and developed both front-end and back-end logic for actions like deleting multiple PBN data as a job, e-mailing PBN data as a job, Assigning owner for a PBN data.

Engineer - Software Development
Nokia Siemens Networks Private Limited
October'08 - June'10
Hands on: Java, J2EE, EJB 2.1, EJB 3, Hibernate 3, JPA, JNDI, Servlets, Oracle, IBM Clearcase, IBM Websphere, Tortoise SVN, Firebug, Pencil, Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Eclipse, RichFaces, XML, Agile – Scrum , Water- Flow model, Linux, Solaris, HP Quality Center, J-Unit, Easy mock, Power mock, Install Anywhere
Netact - Network Management System (Versions: 0.5 and 1.0)
  • Involved in complete life cycle development of the product.
  • Developed link detection functionality for Juniper MX network elements, Dynamically fault recognition, Sub network feature, Assign/Un-assign feature etc
  • Developed the protected path in Transport Manager
TNMS DX [Versions: 3.05]
  • Component owner for Installation subsystem in TNMS DX (an EMS/NMS product)
  • Involved in the developed the Software Download feature for XNE Component


The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
Bachelor of Engineering, Information Science
June'03 - June'07


Dasha Pramathi
Dasha Pramathi Android

About: Dasha Pramathi is a space which beholds collection of devotional lyrics providing multi-language support. Dasha Pramathi is also available as an android application.

Technologies used: java, spring, ehcache, hibernate, android, bootstrap, jquery, javascript, ajax, masonry, isotope, maven, openshift, atlassian bitbucket, maven, gradle.

Sudoku Together V3 V2 V1

About: Sudoku Together is the first game in Play Together gaming platform.

Technologies used: java, spring, hibernate, bootstrap, jquery, javascript, masonry, apache tiles, maven, openshift, atlassian bitbucket.

Social Gallery

About: Social Gallery is a platform for managing your social data such as photo, videos etc across different social networks.

Technologies used: java, spring, ehcache, hibernate, bootstrap, jquery, javascript, masonry, apache tiles, maven, google app engine, google cloud sql, atlassian bitbucket.

Note : the application takes around a minute to serve the first request since I have configured the google app engine to auto and set daily limit to $0.01. So if you can sponsor the application, contact me and I can configure gae to start up in a sec or 2. ;)

About: is the very same site you are viewing right now.

Technologies used: java, parallax slider, html, css, bootstrap, jquery, javascript, maven, google app engine, atlassian bitbucket.


About: G.H.U.T is the an acronym for Game helper utility Tools whose basic existence is to help you win games easily.

Technologies used: java, spring, html, css, bootstrap, jquery, javascript, maven, google app engine, github.

Note : the source code is available in Github, just pork it and contribute ;) Contact me know once you have made any changes, so that I can deploy to gae and add your name to the contributors list. P.S: Click on "facebook like" for G.H.U.T which you see on the top-right of the page, if you like my work.


About: mRemainder is an Android application developed as a part of android hands on.

Technologies used: java, android



Acting, Yoga, Sports, Trekking, Enjoy solving problems and Puzzles



"I have been knowing Vijayendra since 4 months, I believe Vijayendra a skilled, thoughtful & thoroughly professional information technology expert. Has helped me finding solutions to several problems through his technological insights which, includes for me in angular JS,Spring boot(complete backend), micro services,Vagrant technologies and truly an expert in his field. I will always be grateful to his knowledge, support & wisdom which has imparted upom me these days."

Madhushree R, Scholar at SAP, reported directly to Vijayendra

"Vijayendra is an excellent mentor and a great leader. His experience in Web application development in Java(Spring boot) and vast knowledge about various tools combined with proper guidance and leadership skills is a great advantage for those working under him.I would recommend him and would also like to work with him again."

Harmeet Singh, Scholar at SAP, reported directly to Vijayendra

"Vijay is a passionate technologist. He is a very hands on Engineer who gets things done efficiently. He is very insightful in discussions and creative in execution. Not only he is a hard worker, he is also fun and friendly to work with. Wishing Vijay a wonderful career."

Sathyanarayana Panduranga, Principal Software Engineer, Ariba, worked directly with Vijayendra at Ariba

"I have known and worked with Vijayendra in Zynga for around a year. His impression on me is of the one who, is technically very strong, does not believe in work-around and always gets problems solved in the most original way. He is exceptionally good in Java and various Java related technologies. He is very keen on delivering solutions which are optimized with respect to performance, efficiency, usability, and scalability. Vijayendra is lightning quick in solving bugs and within almost no time of logging a bug he would come up with a solution and would have provided the fix. Apart from that, Vijayendra has always been a very helpful collegue and a good team mate. He is a great inspiration for people around him. I wish him all the very best for his career and future!"

Rahul Kosambi, Quality Assurance Engineer, Zynga, worked directly with Vijayendra at Zynga

"Having known Vijayendra for more than 5 years now, I would describe him as a person with remarkable technical understanding about Java, that includes in-depth understanding and application skills of Java Hibernate, Java Spring, Android Programming, Apache Camel and of the overall MVC framework. His use of Spring as a web-application framework to build dynamic, data intense websites is commendable. Vijayendra has deep understanding of the Core Java topics like Threads, Synchronization, Garbage Collection and Generics which form the basics of Java programming language. Apart from being technically very knowledgeable, Vijayendra is also a great teacher as I have learnt a lot of concepts from him on Java and Android. He inspires people around him to build something new, gets involved in idea-seeding and always tries to come up with clean and efficient solutions to the programming problems. All these makes me believe that there is no objection of any sort in endorsing him."

Anoop Dixith, Software Developer, Zynga, worked directly with Vijayendra at Zynga

"I had chance to work with Vijayendra for about a year. He is highly talented and He is good at Java and Java related technologies. He is a very good team player. He has good analytical skills and He is one of the main person in our team to conduct interviews. I would highly recommend him for any position, as he naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about."

Dhanasekar Subramaniam, Lead Engineer, Zynga, managed Vijayendra at Zynga

"Vijayendra was undeniably one of the top performers in his team. He was always well prepared for any challenge coming his way. Very keen to learn and explore new technologies, his interest to stay abreast of the newer technologies has helped him grow in his role. He also had a big picture view of the industry, and that helped to interface with various people with out any glitch."

Kamal Artwani, Recruitment Lead, Juniper Networks, worked with Vijayendra at Juniper Networks

"As I know Vijayendra, he is this young, talented and highly enthusiastic and an avid programmer. Always used to come to me with something new thing in his mind. I did learn quite a few things from him (Miss those now). Always wanting to learn new things, know new things, use to have lots of doubts and made sure he understands them to the core. A gadget freak and has written coool apps on Android, this tells he is at pace in terms of the technology and catching up with all new things in the technology. He has a very positive attitude and thats what it reflects in his career as you can see. I wish you all the very best and like to see you as some one big one day. Vin"

Vinuth Tulasi, Software Engineer 4, Juniper Networks, worked with Vijayendra at Juniper Networks

"Vijayendra has very deep understanding Of things and he thinks Out Of the box.He is very dedicated and innovative.One can see his true value when he solves complex problems very easily."

Alok Kumar, Staff Engineer, Juniper Networks, managed Vijayendra indirectly at Juniper Networks

"Great analytical and problem solving skills! Good team player! Had great time working with Vijayendra! :)"

Anustup Paul, Anustup - R & D Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks, worked directly with Vijayendra at Nokia Siemens Networks

"I know Vijayendra from Nokia Siemens Networks time. We had worked togather in the same team and I found him very hard working and intelligent guy. He had performed very well under great pressure also. He is technically very strong and always tries to give his 100% in his work. He is a very good team player always ready to help his team. He was a great colleagues here in NSN and is one of my best buddy. All the best Viju for your bright future."

Jitendra Verma, Sr. Software Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks India Pvt. Ltd., worked directly with Vijayendra at Nokia Siemens Networks

"Vijayendra has an agility towards learning new things. He has a right aptitude to use his technical skills. He always comes with new ideas and try to improvise things in a better way. He is really good in conceptualizing the problem using prototypes. He is adaptive towards new assignments and takes them as challenges. He is a kind of person who finds learning opportunities within the difficulties."

Deepak Tiwari, Sr Software Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks, managed Vijayendra indirectly at Nokia Siemens Networks

"Vijayendra's technical expertise and commitment turned out to be very pivotal in the critical as well as timely release of our project deliverables.His humble and sincere approach in both work and communication is exceptional."

Rijesh K Haridas, R & D Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks, worked directly with Vijayendra at Nokia Siemens Networks

"Vijayendra is a person with passion and eagerness in learning new things. He was a diligent student who used to bring insight wherever he dived in. He grasps the concepts clearly, he is brilliant, hard working and he believes in total dedication towards work and in any other aspects of life. He is a person who always believes in converting his ideas into reality, a person whose desires are never going to end and a person with all realistic ideas. He is a Person who loves to make friends, and he knows better how to maintain those relations. Thanks for being my friend and May god bless you Viju."

Girish Chekkemane, Student, National Institute of Engineering, studied with Vijayendra at The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore

"I studied with Vijayendra, he was a very active part of our class when we studied, the below will describe him 1. He was always full of energy with an ability to motivate other people, 2. He used to have 100% clarity on the subjects, 3. He used to come up with creative ideas, 4. His technical skills in labs were outstanding. 5. He always seamed to me like achieving something huge. I wish all the best in all his endeavors."

Amith A, Deputy Manager, Ashok Leyland Ltd., studied with Vijayendra at The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore

"Vijayendra was a very enthusiastic guy who would plunge into anything that would fascinate him. May that be about studies, sports or other activites. He's a great person."

Vinayak Rao, Student, Visvesvaraya Technological University, studied with Vijayendra at Visvesvaraya Technological University


Codeathon Winner at Ariba's coding competition, Table Tennis - State Level (Thrice), Winner in Singles and Runner in Doubles at Zynga TT Tournament, Organized short trips and treks of small groups, Awarded as the most active person during Unit day at Infosys

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